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A collection of images built around ‘A day in the life of …
Building a story around a character is challenging and fun.
Technology – awesome?

Storybuilding composites built from characters in my fantasycharacters shop.

Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living, it’s a way of looking at life through the wrong end of a telescope.

Dr Seuss

Gigantrdan – The Tree Giant of Shadow Grove.

The forest is alive with excitement and wonder as whisperings amongst the Treetlets speak of Gigantrdan, the great tree giant. Gigantrdan has awoken and come to see what is new in his area around the ‘Shadow Grove’. All the little Treelet forest spirits wait excitedly; who will be first to spot him?

The best part of Gigantrdan’s visit is when all the Treetlets gather around him, eager to listen to the magical stories of his adventures and the many changes that have shaped ‘Shadow Grove’ over his long life.

Bengruel the gentle giant and Kyip the little imp…

Bengruel and Kyip often get together, and when they do, they love to explore the area surrounding their home.

If you wander far enough into the mystical forest of Bloomwood, you will come across, hidden amongst the trees and bushes, a happy community of little Imps and their forest friends. If you are especially lucky, they will welcome you into their little world for a day of adventure, stories, and playfulness. Today, Bengruel and Kyip have met up to explore the forest and, with luck, find this little community and join them in an exciting day of adventure.

Today, Bengruel and Kyip chose the path for their day’s adventure. It is time to meet up with some old friends. With that in mind, they pack their bags and begin. This trip will find them venturing deep into Shadow Grove to visit Gigantrdan, The Tree Giant, and, with luck, also meet some of his mystical friends. The forest surrounding Shadow Grove is home to many, and along the way, they are greeted by some of its more curious forest friends.

Today Bengruel and Kyip are off for a walk to their favourite forest seat to take in the magical surroundings. A fallen log. This log covered with lichen and plants arches over a creek which, depending on the time of year, is gushing with water or is transformed into a magical garden. Here, they can relax, chat, enjoy the day, and maybe even spot one of the mystical tree giants!

The Little Imps of Imp Hideaway ……

It’s time for the Imps of Imp Hideaway to plan their annual camping adventure. Gathering around a blazing fire, they discuss the where’s and wherefores. Happy banter back and forth, ideas thrown around, pulled apart and decided on, and high expectations for a fun, adventurous holiday.

Merrily winding their way down the tracks through the forest to their campsite, the Imps are joined by their forest friends – Tweetwig and his clan of little forest Tweelets.

Sadly, all must come to an end. And after a few days of fishing, exploring and swimming their last night calls for a celebration of dancing, music, and merriment with their newfound friends.

There is one little Imp – they call him ‘Dreamy’ – who dreams of faraway places – gazing into the night sky wondering who and what is out there and how can I travel to meet them – explore the vast open blueness with it’s twinkling lights and giant moon just waiting for …

Oakenshadow – the Wood Spirit with Eirela the little fae fairy …

I am Oakenshadow, the wood spirit, minder over the treewig spirits and magical beings within the forest.

Little Eirela joins me on my visits to our forest friends. Today we are searching out the mystical playground of the little dragon fae. They can be timid little creatures living and playing in their own magical world.

Returning her to her home in the forest after an adventurous day out.

Tyrone and his companion Slowgo Story…

Tyrone and his loyal companion Slowgo travel the land collecting and selling trinkets.
Meeting old friends and making new ones.
It’s a long, full day, and they are glad to return home to familiar surroundings for a well-earned rest.

Ganci the Mystical Pixie Story…

Hey come quickly come here see what I have to show you … something special, something you’ll love, a big surprise …

King Bogart and his band of Hiphoppers Story … Island Hopping.

King Bogart, with assistance from his helpers, keeps a watchful eye over his clan of hip-hoppers whilst they enjoy a frolic in their playground on Hiphop Island.

Ollies Treasure

Off on an adventure into the woods … I saw an old abandoned house on my last exploration and wonder what treasures have been left behind for an inquisitive little person like me to discover.

Mugrel’s Story

I am Mugruel, leader of my people guardian of the lands Razdor in the world Seegreensle.
Centuries ago, our people were charged with the responsibility of safeguarding these lands, from flat grassy plains to rugged snow-covered mountains. We are a peaceful, gentle race until someone, or something attempts to disrupt our world!
I am from the clan Hathhumper.

Orcs Story…

‘They’ call us the ‘Smooth Skins’ and are loyal minders of the Dwarf clan Dokdronlim. In the world of Aeginara high in the Doldows mountains, there is much activity. Deep within these mountains, caves abound with treasures no man has ever seen. Mining these caves is the hardworking Dwarf clan Dokdronlim, and we, whom they call the ‘Smooth Skins’, are loyal guardians of their clan, warding off the creatures who seek power and destruction.
Gamreak Brightshield Story…

I am Gamreack Brightshield of the Dwarf Clan Dokdronlim.
We live and work in the ancient mountains of Doldows mining rocks and treasures to build homes and tools for our people. Legends tell of these ancient mountains holding mystical powers.
It is the pledge of our people, to protect these powers from those who seek destruction.

AshaThe Gamer story.

Yippee my bigger brother has gone camping with Dad maybe I can sneak into his grotto and check out what adventure I can get into with those thingies he wears on his head … maybe even I will fly into a dream world all of my own …

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