TheCreativeShed – Digital Artistry

Play Den

Tucked away in my little haven, I can experiment, explore, and have fun inside the awesome programs we are so lucky to have. Here, I can travel down the road my muse chooses and lose myself in creating whatever I can dream up …

Fantasy Composites

My learning of Photoshop artistry has grown with much help from hard slog and amazing tutorials and inspiration from Sebastian Michaels and his dedicated team at
Photoshop Artistry

Fractal Art

I have chosen the program ‘Ultra Fractal‘ to create and explore the fascinating world of Fractal art … 

My Etsy Store

I have a Textures, Storybook Character and eBook cover shop on Etsy if you would like to purchase any of my digital items.

My Fantasy Characters can also be purchased on my website.

Dare to
Peek inside my portfolio

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